Enneagram Coaching


Identify How The Enneagram Can Help you Grow.

Laura Kilian is an Enneagram Approach Certified Practitioner and a professional member of the International Enneagram Association. She combines this knowledge with her 15 years experience as a psychotherapist to bring a full and complete picture to the structure of personality.

Using your identified Enneagram Type to show  which patterns you get stuck in and where to look to loosen these patterns and help you grow. Ongoing collaboration towards using your own individual strengths to build the life you want. 

We have the following offerings for individuals and groups:

Typing Interview: Structured interview session with specific questions specifically designed to determine your individual Enneagram type. At the end of the Typing Interview, you will:

  • Have an understanding of what your Enneagram type is
  • Something about knowing next steps for learning more

60 minutes = $130

Tour of Type: Educational session designed to help you understand the specific parameters of your individual personality type. Going beyond simply knowing your Enneagram type, you will learn:

  • The strengths and challenges of your enneagram type
  • How your enneagram type shows up in relationships
  • Strategies you use (and overuse) to feel ok
  • What gets in the way of personal growth
  • Your personality blindspots 

50 minutes = $125

Enneagram Coaching: Counseling sessions (framed through your enneagram type) focused on a specific area of growth in your life. The goal of these sessions is to help you “deep dive” into your type and how it is impacting your life and relationships. These sessions will help you:

  • Improve your level of self-awareness and clarity
  • Embrace your ability to identify and overcome thought patterns that limit you

50 minutes = $125


Why Choose Us

New Techniques​

We can help people use the Enneagram as a tool for personal growth & transformation.

Engaging Counselors

Each counselor brings a slightly different therapeutic approach so collectively we offer many different therapeutic modalities.

Vast Experience​​

Our therapists each have at least 15 years experience practicing therapy.


We are a group of warm, perceptive, engaging therapists who help their clients get to the best version of themselves

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